Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby 1 years old Birthday

Last month is my Natalie one years birthday.We have a small party to celebrate her birthday,we invite some friends,they also took their baby comes to the party,she felt so happy.Time pass so fast ,now she can walk...i remember last year on this time she still a little baby,i always carry her sing a song to her,talk to her .......but now i can see she start to walk,learn to talk ,and know to call me "ma ma" sometime can said some words too,like ball,call her grandmom,said want "mom mom"(eating).when she learn some new words like "shoe",she can't said the whole words but she try to pronouns "sh...."is so fun! She likes reading,when i saw a knewspaper ,she also took the paper and point it ,show like reading,she also reconise few animals when she read her book ,she can show you what is tiger,horse panda....ect
She so smart when she learn someyhing ,she can absorb so quickly,sometimes i just tach once ,she knows to do and remmber it. I always teach her flash card,i teach chinise word and math,i will teach english and music soon.She very loves music ,when she listen to the music she will start dance,and clap her hand,somtimes sing a song with her own langguage!
As a mom,i m very happy to see Natalie grows up witha happyness and healthy,we always give her a good envoriment and teach her and play with all the time,trough play she can learn many thing,like five sence,and also train her physical skill,thingking skill.
I think the most happy time is now,can play with her,see her growing up............