Sunday, July 6, 2008

Early child learnning.

Babies begin to learn when they inquisitive.Wish to know "how" and "why" is the most important first step to logical thinking.The moment babies get curious about "how" and "why" happen around them,that is the point of the time they start to learn through play.By using simple explaination and colourful pictorial ilustrations on common things,animals, shapes,sizes and colours,simple words ect can be readily and effortlessly absorbed and stored in thier memory.
Such methods of teaching will definately stimulate babies the desire to know and understand more about things,language(words),sound,nature......which they come into contact.
besides,they instill a keen sense of lunguage understanding,observation,concerntration and adaption.The development of a child's brain is due to stimulateion itselft.e.g.I give my daughther read flash card everyday,espacially when she wake up in the morning or after nap time,three times a day,because on that time she feel happy,(if she feel hungry ,tired or sleepy,Please don let her read.)i give her read manderin,english and mathematic.she very happy to read it.

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